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40W LED Corn Light

Luminous flux:5800lm
Color Rendering Index CRI:>80Ra

145lm/w 5800lm 40W LED Corn light
40W corn light repace troditional streetlight 200W,100% saving energy
◆High luminous efficacy 145lm/W in the industry,energy saving more than 81% compared with traditional mercury lamp!
◆Safety and reassuring lightweight design with 560g 
◆With 360°wide angle it can be used in many places
High luminous efficacy 145lm/w in the industry,energy saving more than 81% compared with traditional mercury lamp!
Power is greatly controlled by using high brightness LED chip and optical design.Evergy saving is more than 81% since the 200W mercury lamp was turned into 40W LED corn light.
Safety and reassuring light weight design with 620g
After realizing 620g light weight design with our special heat dissipation techniques,the burden of lighting is perfectly suppressed,it is also bright with good energy saving effect,so it is very safe to use.
With 360° wide angle it can be used in many places
With 360°wide angle of irradiation,so it can be used as garden light,warehouse light,street light and so on.
Heat dissipation and lifespan improved with low current driving design
The product is not only designed with cost saving consideration,but also with durability,driven by a current which is under the specified current,the problem of heat dissipation is successfully improved,so its is a long life lamp.
Reassuring warranty of 3 years
The warranty of products is 3 years
It can be used without replacing appliance
It can be used in traditional E27/E40 socket,so it is unnecessary to replace the appliance.
Reducing environments load
There is no doubT that our products do not contain harmful substances such as mercury,and it’s always eco-friendly from the reduction of carbon dioxide caused by energy saving to the process of production and so on.

Physical dimension(mm)

Item FSL-F40W-001
Beam angle 360°
LumInous flux 5800lm±5%
LumInous flux efficiency 145lm/w±5%
Color temperature 5000K±500K(3000K 6000K is available too)
color rendering index(CRI) Ra85±5
LED chip  SMD(produced by LG)
Power 40W±5%(including power supply)
Input voltage AC100-240V
Wave index 50Hz/60Hz
Power Built-in power supply
Size 82*256mm(E27 Base) / 82*263mm(E40 Base)
Weight About 620g
Body Aluminum
Lampshade Polycarbonate
Lamp holder  E27/E40
Working temperature  -20 - +40℃
Preservation temperature -20 - +40℃
Lifespan 40000H
Warranty    3 years


Model Warranty Material IP Rating Base PF Input Voltage Driver Power CCT Chip Efficacy Lumen (LM) CRI Angle
FSL-F30W-001 3years AL+PC IP65 E40/E27 >0.9 100-240VAC Internal 30W 6000K 
LG SMD 145lm/W 4350lm >80Ra 360°
FSL-F40W-001 E40/E27 40W 145lm/W 5800lm
FSL-F50W-001 E40/E27 50W 145lm/W 7250lm
FSL-F80W-001 E40 80W 140lm/W 11200lm
FSL-F100W-001 E40 100W 140lm/W 14000lm
※Lifespan is the time before the initial luminous flux decays to 70%,and it is a average value,not guaranteed value.
※Please be noted because there is a deviation of the LED, so the light color and brightness may vary for each element.
※In order to improve the product,sometimes there will have a change in specification and appearance without notice,please note.
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